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Using Vaizle's LinkedIn analytics tool you can evaluate your ads and LinkedIn page thoroughly. Its unique features enable you to evaluate your LinkedIn page and LinkedIn ads deeply using metrics like impressions, likes, reactions, comments, and more. You can know your audience better. It enables you to find out where your content is getting maximum engagement. It gives a clear picture of your audience depicting their job title, industry type, locations, and seniority levels. Using these metrics and a detailed analysis of your audience you can develop a better content strategy. It will help you to optimize your ads and content on a regular basis through which you can update your Career Page, Job Section Page, Life Section, About Section, etc. on timely basis.

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Discover hidden insights with LinkedIn Analytics Tool

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Post Insights

Know your audience

Top performing post

Unhidden your LinkedIn post insights and drives more conversions

With Vaizle's LinkedIn Analytics, you can discover your best-performing LinkedIn posts. It shows you what works well and how to improve your content strategy. You'll get a clear performance overview with metrics like comments, shares, and engagement. This helps you understand what content gets the best response and drives more interaction and conversions for your page.

Analyze the performance of your LinkedIn Ads Campaign

Maximize your ROI

Understand your audience

Keep a track of your ad performance

Analyze campaign performance and maximize your ROI

Vaizle's Google Ads keyword provides you with relevant keywords based on search volume, competition, and target audience. With the help of keyword analysis, you can identify which keywords are getting the most engagement to trigger an advertisement. Additionally, its detailed keyword analysis google analytics helps you to find out keywords required to optimize the ads which will automatically increase the rate of engagement on your ads. Eventually, you can boost your engagement rate with top keywords.

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I created a Facebook Group that is quite challenging to grow. The niche I am in lends itself to more activity on Instagram and Twitter so I used Vaizle to expand my reach on those 2 platforms to gain followers that were later invited to join the Facebook Group.

Could it be done the same way without Vaizle? Of course! But it would have been so slooooowww...Vaizle is exactly what I needed with my current marketing strategy.



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