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Get your social media data interpreted into actionable tips that you can use daily to improve your social media performance. Vaizle will give you daily insights across multiple variables in forms of graphs, charts, numbers and daily tips.

Improve your social media strategy

Understand what types of posts and hashtags are giving you the best social media engagement. Judge your social media strategy across various engagement types - applause, conversation, and amplification.

Perform social media competitive analysis

Choose your competitors and perform competitive analysis in a matter of minutes. See which hashtags and what type of posts are working best for your competitors and use the insights to respond quickly.

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Why Vaizle?

Simple user interface

Simple dashboard and easy navigation will make Vaizle always familiar. Vaizle makes everything available on a single screen so that you don't have to scroll all the time to find what you need.

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With first plan available as pay what you want, Vaizle is on a mission to enable everyone to use analytics for improving social performance. Vaizle is cost-effective and worth every dollar you invest.

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Industry reports

Vaizle doesn't come alone. When you hire Vaizle as your social media analyst, it brings along periodic social media industry reports worth thousands of dollars.

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Personal social media analyst

When Vaizle joins your team, it will cater to all your social media analysis requirements and back your social media team to operate efficiently.

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