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Spy on your competitor or see your performance against your competitor with Vaizle’s Free Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools - you have the best tool for competitor analysis free for your marketing needs.

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Free Facebook Competitor Analysis Tool

Benchmark your performance against your top competitors on Facebook using Vaizle’s Free Facebook Competitor Analysis tool and monitor their brand activity, including likes, shares, and other metrics in the past 30 days.

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Free Instagram Competitor Analysis Tool

Dig into your Instagram performance by comparing your important metrics against your competitors and gain strategic insights by using the Free Instagram competitor analysis tool. Assess your competitors' brand activity and shares, likes, and more.

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Free Twitter Competitor Analysis Tool

Get brief summary of your Twitter business account performance against that of your competitors with the Twitter competitor analysis tool FREE by Vaizle. Compare your Twitter activity with your top competitor in the past 30 days. A FREE tool to get an in-depth Twitter competitor analysis.