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Vaizle's Facebook page analytics tool gives you rich Facebook page insights regarding key metrics, day-wise performance analysis, audience demographics, and top posts - from one single dashboard, absolutely FREE.

Facebook Analytics Free Tool
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Facebook Page Analyzer
Facebook page analytics free

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What is Facebook Page Analytics Tool?

Vaizle’s Facebook page analytics tool makes the evaluation of your business page’s performance easy. Facebook insights are presented with simple metrics and graphs to judge the overall efficiency of your current content strategy. You get to know about key metrics, day-wise performance, content-type analysis, and audience demographics. These Facebook page analytics insights help social media marketers and other individuals analyze page growth and optimize their strategy accordingly.


Checking Facebook page insights daily was a big task for me. With Vaizle, I was able to get all relevant data in a simplified manner. I especially appreciate content-type analysis based on different metrics.

Sherry Silva

How to Use Facebook Page Analytics Free Tool?

Step 1

Unlock advanced Business Analytics for your Facebook Page

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Step 2

For account analysis, click Edit Settings & configure the settings.

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Step 3

Choose all page accounts you want to analyze with Vaizle & start analyzing now!

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Step 4

Manage your FB Business Page effortlessly - select them now

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Step 5

Get detailed insights for your FB page. Start analyzing today!

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What You’ll Get from the Free Facebook Page Analytics Tool?

Use the Facebook page analyzer to explore data pointers that matter the most for your business. Vaizle’s Facebook analytics dashboard offers an intuitive way to track page performance and optimize strategies accordingly.

Complete Overview of your Facebook Page Activity

Facebook offers plenty of metrics to track your Facebook page performance but not all of them might be relevant for you. Facebook profile analyzer by Vaizle brings forth key metrics like brand activity, reach, engagement, video views, post likes, and clicks.

You can use the Facebook page analytics tool to check if the numbers have improved or declined in the past day, week, or month.

Check your Facebook analytics dashboard (free)>>

Explore Content Performance and Audience Analysis

With the Vaizle Facebook analytics tool free, you get data-driven insights on the types of content that are getting the most engagement, post likes, reactions, and video views.

Facebook page analyzer also helps you explore audience demographics and segment page traffic based on location, age, and gender.

Optimize your Facebook marketing strategies now>>

Find Content that Creates an Impact on your Audience

Vaizle’s Facebook page analytics tool helps you spot top-performing posts, along with their key metrics such as likes, comments, reactions, and engagement.

Use these Facebook page insights to find what your audience likes best and create more similar content in the future.

Check your top-performing Facebook posts>>

Vaizle is just what you need to save marketing hours. Initially, my team was manually collecting and analyzing data for social media profiles. But after trying out a couple of free tools, I upgraded to a paid plan. Now, I save at least 2-3 hours per day on social media analysis and our content performance is better than ever

Matt Lewandowski

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)
How do I see my Facebook page analytics?

It's very simple! Open Vaizle's free Facebook business page analytics, enter the link of your business page, and you will receive a complete analysis of your social media activity, demographics, reach, engagement, and top-performing posts through the Facebook post analytics tool from Vaizle.

Why are Facebook analytics important?

Facebook analytics is crucial because it helps you optimise your performance, improve the efficiency and productivity of your campaigns and take data-backed decisions to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How do I see how many people like my page?

Open Vaizle's free Facebook page analytics tool, go to the brand engagement section on the right-hand side, and you will find how many people like your page, engagement rate, engagement per post and more - from one single dashboard.

How do you measure the effectiveness of a Facebook post?

To measure the effectiveness of your Facebook post, open Vaizle's free Facebook analytics tool, go to "engagement per post," and you will get the details there.

How do I get Insight on my Facebook page?
To gain insights on your Facebook page, open Vaizle's free Facebook page analytics online, view the metrics about your page performance, learn which posts have the most engagement, the most engaging age group, gender, and demographics, and optimize your posts that resonate with your audience.

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