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You can now easily retrieve Facebook page data into an MS Excel sheet with just a few clicks. Vaizle free Facebook page to MS excel connector tool lets you obtain real-time accurate data to keep a close check on your account’s overall performance directly on your Excel sheet. Simplify your social media approach by getting access to customized reports, which further enables you to make quick and long-lasting decisions.

Facebook page to excel
Export facebook page data to excel

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How to Fetch Facebook Page Data to MS Excel?

Step 1

Go to


Step 2

Now, create a “new Excel file” and copy its link.


Step 3

Go back to the Vaizle tool and Click on ‘Continue with Facebook.’


Step 4

Sign in with your Facebook account and give access to the Vaizle tool so that it can get Facebook page data to the MS Excel sheet.


Step 5

Select the Facebook page from a dropdown list and click on the ‘Analyze’ button.


Step 6

Now, go to the ‘Export to Excel Sheet’ option, and your Facebook page data for last month will be transferred to the given sheet link.


Why Export Facebook Page Data to MS Excel

Exporting Facebook page data to MS Excel can be a pivotal step for your social media marketing strategy.

Comprehensive Understanding of Data

Using the Vaizle free Facebook page to Excel connector will let you get a better understanding of data and how well your posts are performing. With Excel’s vast range of functions and data visualization capabilities, one can easily analyze data as per requirements. Marketers can use it to easily identify key patterns, know recent engagement trends, and judge audience behavior.

Automate Redundant Tasks

Export Facebook page data to your Excel sheet and eliminate the hassle of performing non-essential tasks day after day. With the free Facebook page to MS Excel connector, you can skip manual data entry and get all real-time updates straight in the Excel sheet. Not only does it speed up the data extraction process, but also reduces any possibility of human error whatsoever.

Collaborate With Colleagues

Seamlessly work with your colleagues after exporting data from a Facebook page to an MS Excel sheet with the Vaizle free tool. Transferring data to a single sheet allows multiple people to collectively analyze performance, retrieve useful insights, and then decide the next action plan. Shared Excel sheets eliminate the need for each person to retrieve data onto their systems.

What are Key Facebook Page Data Points You Can Transfer to MS Excel

In-Depth Account Analysis:

When you export Facebook data to Excel, you’re able to get all the key data points in one place for further analysis. With this data, you can analyze the key metrics including conversions, cost per click (CPC), and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for your facebook adsets. A detailed analysis of Facebook page ad accounts ultimately helps you optimize strategies for improved ROI.

Reach and Impressions:

Vaizle free MS Excel connector tool transfers reach and impressions into two separate columns, from where you can easily judge which post of your Facebook page perform better and which doesn’t. Knowing these stats is crucial for judging the performance of content on your Facebook page over some time. It can also help you understand what kind of content is best liked by your audience.

Analyze Total Ad Spend:

If you have multiple ad campaigns running at a time, exporting Facebook data to Excel can be useful. It helps you check the value of total ad spend and compare it with the final conversion rate and ROI. Now, you can select the best-performing campaigns and direct your maximum efforts to them.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Facebook page to MS Excel connector tool?
The Facebook page to MS Excel connector tool allows you to transfer Facebook page data to an MS Excel sheet. All you need to do is sign up with a Facebook account and then select the page you want the data for, and you get all the crucial data metrics directly to your excel file for the last 1 month.
How can exporting Facebook data to an MS Excel sheet be beneficial?
For digital marketers, getting Facebook data transferred in a single sheet can be really helpful. It can help analyze data, understand repeating patterns, and know the performance of ongoing marketing campaigns.
How to use the Facebook page to Excel connector tool?
To use the Vaizle Facebook page to Excel connector tool, you need to click on ‘Continue with Facebook.’ Then, enter your credentials and select the page from the drop-down list. Lastly, click on Analyze and then Export to Excel sheet.

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I have been a user of Sprout Social for over 5 years and spend money EVERY month to keep the data coming. As a social media marketing company, it's important for all of my clients to know how effective their campaigns are. After playing around with Vaizle, I have found great value in their robust analytical data and the ability to compare my clients to their competitors. Another great feature you will LOVE is the custom REPORTS!!! This feature alone is invaluable!

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