Free Facebook Competitor Analysis Tool

Facebook page competitor analysis tool by Vaizle enables businesses and social media marketers to benchmark their performance against industry leaders. Vaizle presents insights related to brand activity, engagement breakdown, and top posts in an easy-to-understand dashboard, thus making Facebook competitor analysis seamless for all.

Facebook Competitor Analysis Tool
Facebook Page Competitor Analysis
Competitor Facebook Page Analysis Free
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What is Facebook Competitor Analysis Tool?

The free Facebook competitor analysis tool by Vaizle gives a quick overview of your Facebook page activity stacked against your competitors in the past 30 days. You can compare performance insights like the total number of posts, brand engagement (based on likes, comments, shares, and reactions), and top content with competitor brands. To get started with the Vaizle Facebook page competitor analysis tool, you simply need to add your and competitor's Facebook page URL.


I was looking for tools to conduct competitor Facebook page analysis free of cost when I found Vaizle. As a marketer in an SMM agency, my main goal is to check if my client’s engagement is getting better or worse compared to other players in the industry. Vaizle does the job without any hassle!

Kathy Walls

How to Use the Facebook Page Competitor Analysis Tool?

Step 1

Copy and paste your Facebook page URL and competitor’s Facebook page URL.

step image

Step 2

Click on the “Continue with Facebook” button and sign in with your account credentials.

step image

Step 3

Proceed with the competitor Facebook page analysis free tool by clicking the “Edit Settings” option.

step image

Step 4

Now, you will see all the Facebook pages you have access to. Click on the “Select All” option.

step image

Step 5

That’s it — Vaizle will now load your Facebook competitor analysis insights.

step image

What You’ll Get from the Free Facebook Competitor Analysis Tool?

Facebook competitor analysis tool by Vaizle offers a comprehensive view of page performance comparison — thus enabling you to scale Facebook presence seamlessly.

Analyze Facebook Insights to Outsmart Competitors

Vaizle’s Facebook competitor analysis is just what you need to compare your posting frequency with competitors over the past 30 days.

You can also find the week with the highest number of posts and plan your content posting strategy accordingly.

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Explore Facebook Engagement Breakdown per Week

The Facebook competitor analysis dashboard provides a clear breakdown of engagement metrics — including reactions, likes, comments, and shares.

You can further use the Facebook competitor analysis graph to spot high-engagement weeks & compare competitor performance in the same timeframe.

Explore high-engagement trends today>>

Discover Top-performing Facebook Posts

Free Facebook competitor analysis tool also shows top-performing posts and their metrics like reactions, comments, shares, and total engagement.

Checking your competitor’s top posts will give you a general idea about the type of content that works well in your targeted niche.

Find your competitors’ top-posts>>

Vaizle is just what you need to save marketing hours. Initially, my team was manually collecting and analyzing data for social media profiles. But after trying out a couple of free tools, I upgraded to a paid plan. Now, I save at least 2-3 hours per day on social media analysis and our content performance is better than ever.

Matt Lewandowski

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)
How do I do Facebook competitor analysis?
To conduct Facebook competitor analysis, you can use Vaizle’s competitor Facebook page analysis free tool. This is how you do it: Identify your competitors, mark down the important metrics you want to compare, go to Vaizle’s free analytics tool, insert your competitor’s link against yours, and find out where you stand against them.
Which tool would you use to track your competition on Facebook?
There are many free Facebook competitor checker tools you can use to track your competition. Out of the available options, I would prefer using Vaizle’s Facebook page competitor analysis tool as it offers a visual representation of brand activity and engagement breakdown against competitors.
Why is competitive analysis important on Facebook?
Facebook competitive analysis is important because it provides deep insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors' Facebook strategy. With this info, you can identify the gaps and use it to enhance your social media business performance.
What is social media competitive analysis?
Social media competitive analysis is the process of identifying your competitors, evaluating their strategies, gathering data, and using it to your business’s advantage and growth.
Which Facebook competitor analysis tools are the best?
There are several options in the market, but I rely on Vaizle's Facebook competitor analysis tool the most. From tracking important KPIs to monitoring your competitors’ brand engagement - Vaizle’s facebook competitive analysis tools help you stay on top of your competitive game.

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