Social media analyst that talks beyond graph

The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers. And that’s what Vaizle is designed to do.

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Landscape insights

Compare custom landscape for your social media profile and your competitor’s. Unlike other similar social media analytics tool, you can now compare group of similar social channels in a landscape. For instance, you can not only compare Facebook vs Facebook but also your Facebook + Twitter vs your competitor’s Facebook + Twitter.

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Actionable insights for your social strategy

Get actionable insights for your social media including best time and to post, best content format, optimal number of words to use, and best social platform. You don’t have to look at the graphs to make inferences. Vaizle will do everything for you.

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Post-level analysis

Up your social media analysis by getting down to the post level. Know which posts are suitable for getting more likes, which are suitable for getting comments, and which are apt for sharing.

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