Whether you’re an eCommerce generating direct sales or a SaaS company aiming to get demos booked, this Facebook Ads Cost Calculator will help you set realistic RoI expectations.

There are tons of metrics to manage when you start buying media on Facebook. How do you know if it will give returns? What will be your breakeven ROAS?

Use this Facebook Ads cost calculator to predict the avg ROI on Facebook ads on your next Facebook Ads campaign and also find the breakeven ROAS for your business.



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Your Estimated Monthly Ad Spend:



In case you have not decided a budget, you can choose any estimate. Once all fields are filled, you can move the budget bar to experiment with various ad budgets.

1000 K

Agency Fee (if applicable):



This is the cost you’re paying your agency or a freelancer you’ve hired to manage your Facebook ads campaign.

100 K

Other Costs (if any):



This includes the cost of using any marketing tool or services you use with your Facebook Ads campaign. For instance, chat bot setup cost, chat bot tool, etc

100 K

Expected Link Clicks Per Month:



Number of link clicks you expect to get in a month.


Website Conversion Rate (Leads):



How many people who visit your website end up turning into a lead?

3 %

Lead to Customer Conversion Rate:



How many leads are you successfully able to close into a winning deal?

5 %

Average Sale Value:



This number again can vary with time and product offerings. If you’re new to business, you might not even have a rough idea of the lifetime value of a customer. Again you can experiment with various numbers to see what LTV will make you profitable.

200 K


Expected CPC:

$ 0.2

Number of leads:


Cost per lead:

$ 6.667

Value af a lead:

$ 10

Expected revenue:

$ 1,800

Customer acquisition cost:

$ 133

Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)


Expected Profit

$ 600

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is ROI calculated on Facebook ads?
To calculate ROI on Facebook ads, divide total revenue generated from all your Facebook ad campaigns by total amount spent on your ad. You can use FREE Facebook ad ROI calculator tools like Vaizle which gives you the complete overview on your returns from your Facebook ads - based on which you can make better decisions in scaling your campaigns.
What does ROI mean in Facebook ads?

ROI, or Return on Investment in Facebook ads, evaluate the aggregate profitability of your Facebook ad campaigns compared to your investment. 


ROI in Facebook Ads  = Total Revenue Generated From Ads/ Total Investment on Ads. 


You can calculate Facebook ads ROI using this formula or using Facebook ad ROI calculator tools like Vaizle 


What is the difference between ROI and ROAS?

ROAS, or “Return On Investment Spend”, calculates how much revenue you’ve earned on your Facebook advertising campaigns compared to the amount you have invested in them. To calculate ROAS, simply divide your total revenue generated by purchases attributed to your advertising campaigns by the total amount spent on advertising.


On the other hand, ROI or Return On Investment, measures the aggregate return (taking into account all intrusive costs, including agency costs and other costs) on your Facebook ads investment. 

What are the benefits of Facebook ads ROI calculator tools?

There are many benefits of using Facebook ads ROI calculator tools:

  • Helps increase your ad revenue.

  • Measures the success of your investment over time.

  • Gives an understanding of which ad campaign is performing better.

  • Helps make better decisions about your future ad campaigns.


You can use Vaizle’s Fb ads ROI calculator tool to easily calculate your ROI for Facebook ads and make better decisions accordingly.

Which is the best tool to calculate Facebook ads ROI?
Vaizle’s FREE Facebook ads Return on investment calculator is one of the best and easiest ways to calculate your Facebook ads ROI. It helps you calculate your ROI without needing to use any complex formulas or calculators. Simply select your estimated monthly ad spend, and the number of link clicks you expect to receive in a month, then select your estimated sales, AOV, and agency fee(if applicable) along with other costs and gross margin. And Vaizle’s Free Facebook ads roi calculator will give you the estimated ROI based on your inputs.

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