Social Media RoI Calculator

Despite all its popularity, social media marketing is still an enigma to business owners and in some cases even marketing teams themselves. As per a Social Sprout report, every 1 in 2 marketer feels that calculating social media RoI is their number one challenge.

So we built this social media RoI calculator to solve this problem:

  • Use this calculator to predicate RoI on social media campaigns based on previous benchmark data.

  • Estimate RoI of the current campaigns based on the data points available.


Estimate Your Social Media RoI

We are assuming that this calculator excludes the paid social traffic. For that, we’ve created a Facebook Ads RoI calculator for you. Also, if your website focuses on generating leads rather than direct online sales, your average lead-to-closing rate becomes important.


Generating Leads or Direct Sales?

How Much Traffic Are You Generating From Social Media?
  1 K
1 M     

This is a measure of the number of website sessions whose source was social media. If you’ve already run a campaign, you can check this data in Google Analytics.


What Is The Conversion Rate On Your Website (or landing page)?
  1 %
50 %     

This is the percentage of traffic from social media that converts into leads or makes purchases on your website. You can calculate this by dividing total number of conversions on your website by total traffic from social media and then dividing it by 100.


What Is The Lead-To-Closing Rate For Your Business?
  1 %
100 %     

This is a percentage measure of how many leads your sales team is able to close into successful deals.


What Is The Average Transaction Size For Your Business?
$50 K     

This is the total revenue you expect on an average from your customers over their lifetime. This data can again be accessed either from your sales dashboard or Google Analytics.


Cost Of Running Social Media Campaigns
$10 K     

This includes the cost of your social media team or hiring a social media agency including costs of all the tools and content creation.


  • Number Of Expected Leads


  • Number Of Sales/Purchases


  • Total Revenue

    $ 2,625,000

  • Your Total Social Media Returns

    218,650 %