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Analyse vital parameters of Google Ads and enhance performance using Vaizle’s Google Ad Analysis tool.

Google Ad Analysis
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Comprehensive Overview

Measure critical metrics for your ad account's performance and make optimisations based on the results. Using a previous day, week, or month’s performance as a benchmark, you can understand whether the account is on the right track or not.

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Funnel Analysis

Know how your Google ads performed against the selected campaign-type by having a look at the funnel-level analysis. Analyse individual campaigns in depth to enhance and optimise their performance.

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In-Depth Keyword Analysis

Analyse the effectiveness of your selected keywords across all active campaigns to improve overall success. Analyse the quality score of each search phrase for the running campaigns and optimise them with top-performing keywords.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What Is A Google Ad Analysis Tool From Vaizle?
Vaizle Google Ad analysis tool is for brands, marketing agencies and others looking to measure and enhance Ad performance on Google.
Is Vaizle’s Google Ad Analysis A Good Tool?
Yes, the Google analysis tool from Vaizle is the best as it becomes a helping hand to achieve your objectives by measuring it better. Used by over 2000 marketers, the tool comes with a free trial for 7 days.
Why Is Vaizle's Google Ad Analytics Tool The Best?
At an affordable monthly subscription charge, Vaizle offers Google ad analysis based on selected objectives. Get keyword-based performance or complete account overview, Vaizle facilitates generating easy-to-understand reports on ad analysis.
How Can I Measure The Effectiveness Of Google Ads?
Conversion tracking and return on investment (ROI) measurement are the two most effective ways to measure Google ads performance. First, identify your key metrics and have a Vaizle Google ad analysis tool to measure your campaign.
Which Tool Is The Best For Google Ad Analysis?
Keep in mind that the requirements may vary based on your business needs and goals. Among multiple third-party Google ad analysis tools available in the market, Vaizle’s Google ad tool is best due to its wide range of features at just $39 per month for 25 profiles.
" Vaizle appears to be a one-stop shop for social media analysis for current accounts. This solution is really on par with the competition. "

Daniel S. - Growth Marketer

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